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Weatherproofing kit for connectors and splices, include butyl rubber tape and PVC tape . It provides a multi-layer, long-term environmental seal over multiple connections.This specially designed kit is made to give a longer life to the wires and connections.

It includes:
  1. Six rolls of 2-1/2” butyl rubber tape
  2. Two rolls of 3/4” (19mm) PVC Electrical tape.
  3. One roll of 2” (51 mm) PVC Electrical Tape.


  1. The application of sealing materials to antenna, cable and grounding connections
  2. The application of sealing materials to antenna,cable and grounding connections, protecting them from weather conditions
  3. These prevent moisture penetration and loosening of connections from vibrations caused by strong winds


Electrical Tape

Electrical tape used in Kanha Cables weatherproofing kits is a high quality insulating tape. It has excellent resistance to: abrasion, moisture, alkalies, acid, copper corrosion and varying weather conditions (including sunlight).


  1. Excellent self amalgamating and high adhesiveness
  2. Good compatibility with other material
  3. Easy to match various shaped surface
  4. Good water-proof property
  5. UV- and ozone-resistant


Butyl Tape

Butyl tape used in Kanha Cables weatherproofing kits is an elastomeric butyl rubber-based extruded sealant on silicon release paper, designed for sealing a variety of construction joints.This product is very resistant to ultraviolet light.


  1. Repairing outer sheath of telecom cable
  2. For water-proof protection of joint of telecom equipment antenna and feeder
  3. For water-proof protection of joint of aerial insulation conductor
Mechanical Specifications
UV Resistance Test Method Butyl test method in QUV weatherometer cycle of 8 hours UV at 150 °F then 4 hrs of condensation at 104 °F| PVC tape test method UL 510, ASTM D1000
UV Resistance, minimum with no degradation ≥ 1000 hours
Weather Resistance Test Method 04AS00 03.6.0 | MIL STD 1344A, Method 1002
Insulation resistance >10 Megohms
Flammability: Pass

Please be careful to protect the surface of C-Frame and hardware. Kanha Cables disclaims any responsibility for the result of improper usage.

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