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Flexible Foam Dielectric LEAKY Feeder Cable 7/8″

Model :7/8″ F Copper Leaky

(Fire Retardant Low Smoke and Zero Halogen)

FR, LS, ZH – Optional


Inner Conductor Smooth copper tube Nominal 9.50+0.250 mm
Dielectric Foamed polyethylene Nominal 23.20+0.50 mm
Outer Conductor Overlapped copper foil with punched leaky slots23.40+0.50 mm
Jacket Standard black PE or Flame-Retardant/Halogen-Free black PE Nominal 27.40+0.50 mm

Mechanical Characteristics
Weight (+5%) F-R Jacket Nominal 0.41 kg/m
Minimum Bending Radius 800 mm
Tensile Strength 215 kg/2100N
Operating Temperature F-R Jacket -30°C~+80°C

Electrical Characteristics
DC Resistance Inner Conductor 1.90 Ω/km
Outer Conductor 2.50 Ω/km
Dielectric Strength DC 6,000V For 1 Min
Min. Insulation Resistance 10,000 MΩ.km
Velocity of Propagation 89±2%
Peak Power Rating 90 kW
Characteristic Impedance 50±3Ω

Frequency (MHz) Attenuation dB/100m Coupling Loss 50% Coupling Loss 95%
150 1.62 59 61
400 3.10 61 65
450 3.41 61 64
700 4.75 67 77
900 6.04 60 65

  • *Attenuation / Coupling Loss are nominal values.
  • *The cable has stop bands at 313~353MHz and 646~686MHz
  • *The attenuation may rise by 0.2%/°C with ambient temperature rising

Contact Kanhha Cables for your specification of your required frequency band.

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