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RF connector is an electrical connector designed to work at radio frequencies in the multi-megahertz range. RF connectors are typically used with RF cables and are designed to maintain the shielding that the RF design offers. Straight and Right Angle connectors available in N type and Din type for various sizes

Model Type SA158 CDM SA158 CDF SA114 CDM SA114 CDF SA 078 CDM SA 078 CDF SA 012 CDM SA 012 CDF
Connector Size 1 5/8″ Male 1 5/8″ Female 1 1/4″ Male 1 1/4″ Female 7/8′ Male 7/8′ Female 1/2″ Male 1/2″ Female
VSWR ≤1.1 (0~2.2GHz) ≤1.1 (0~2.2GHz) ≤1.1 (0~2.2GHz) ≤1.1 (0~2.2GHz) ≤1.1 (0~3GHz) ≤1.1 (0~3GHz) ≤1.1 (0~3GHz) ≤1.1 (0~3GHz)
Suitable Cables Kanha 1 5/8″ Kanha 1 5/8″ Kanha 1 1/4″ Kanha 1 1/4″ Kanha 7/8″ Kanha 7/8″ Kanha 1/2″ Kanha 1/2″
Packing 1Pc in box 1Pc in box 1Pc in box 1Pc in box 1Pc in box 1Pc in box 1Pc in box 1Pc in box
Impedance 50 Ω
Frequency DC-8.3GHz
Insertion Loss ≤0.05dB
Center Contact Resistance ≤0.4mΩ
Outer Contact Resistance ≤1.5mΩ
Insultation resistance ≥10000MΩ
Withstanding Voltage AC (v/min) ≥4000V
Power Handling [email protected] [email protected]
RF Leakage [email protected]
Intermodulation (3rd order) [email protected]
Retention for all female Connectors 6~18N
Mechanical Data
Mating cycles min. 500
Coupling torque (recommended) 25Nm to 30Nm
Proof torque max. 35Nm
According to IEC 60169-4, VG 95250, EN 122190, DIN 47223
Environmental Data
Temperature Range -40~+850C
Relative Moisture 90%~95%, Temprature: 40±20C
Water Proof IP67
Rapid Change of Temperature DIN EN 122190, Clause 4.6.7
Corrosion DIN EN 122190, Clause 4.6.10
Vibration DIN EN 122190, Clause 4.6.3
Damp Heat DIN EN 122190, Clause 4.6.6
Climate Test DIN EN 122190, Clause 4.6.5(55/155/56)
Material Plating
Connector Part Material Plating
Shell Brass Alloy
Center Contact Brass Silver
Back Nut Brass Alloy
Clamp Brass Alloy
Sealing Silicone rubber
Insulator PTFE (orTPX)

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