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Flexible Foam Dielectric Aluminum Feeder Cable 1/2″

Model: (1/2″ F Al) KCPL50PE12A3



Inner Conductor Copper Clad aluminum Wire 4.80+0.15 mm
Dielectric Foamed polyethylene Nominal 12.50+0.30 mm
Outer Conductor Corrugated Aluminum tube Nominal 13.70+0.30 mm
Jacket Standard black PE Nominal 15.70+0.30 mm
Mechanical Characteristics
Weight (+5%) Standard Jacket Nominal 0.18 kg/m
Minimum Bending Radius (Single) 70 mm
Minimum Bending Radius (Repeated) 125 mm
Number of bends, minimum (typical) 15
Bending moment 5 Nm
Flat Plate Crush Resistance 1.30 kg/mm
Operating Temperature Standard Jacket -40℃~+85℃
Installation Temperature -25℃~+60℃
Storage Temperature -70℃~+85℃
Pulling Force 113 Kg

Electrical Characteristics
Max. Operating Frequency 8.8 GHz
DC Resistance Inner Conductor 1.60 Ω/km
Outer Conductor 2.80 Ω/km
Dielectric Strength DC 4,000V For 1 Min
Min. Insulation Resistance 10,000 MΩ.km
Velocity of Propagation 88+2%
Peak Power Rating 40 kW
Characteristic Impedance 50+1Ω
Capacitance 75.8 pF/m
Inductance 0.19 µH/m
Cut-off Frequency 10.0 GHz
Jacket Spark Test Voltage 8000 Vrms
VSWR 800~1000 MHz 1.15
1700~2200 MHz 1.15
2200~2700 MHz 1.20

Frequency (MHz) Attenuation dB/100m
450 5.20
824 7.15
890 7.45
960 7.75
1700 10.50
1800 10.85
2000 11.45
2300 12.35
2400 12.66
2700 13.60
3000 14.40

  • The attenuation may rise by 0.2%/ ℃ with rising temperature.
  • *Maximum attenuation value shall not exceed 110% of nominal value.
  • *Characteristic Impedance is the average value at the frequency range of 30 ~ 2400 MHz.
  • *The above electrical figures should be guaranteed on condition that the cable is well fitted with our supplied connectors for good electrical matching at the cable length 100M.

Contact Kanhha Cables for your return loss specification of your required frequency band.

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