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Attenuation values typical at 20°C ambient temperature and Average power at 40°C ambient temperature with Inner conductor temperature at 100°C

Mechanical Characteristics
Inner Conductor Copper clad aluminium wire 4.80 mm
Dia over Dielectric Foamed PE 12.0 mm
Dia over outer conductor Corrugated aluminium tube 14.1 mm
Diameter over outer jacket PE 16 mm
Cable weight PE 179 Kg/Km
Tensile strength 1000 N
Bending moment 4.5 Nm
Flat plate crush strength 9 N/mm
Min.bending radius single 70 mm
Min.bending radius repeated 120 mm
No.of bends, minimum(typical) 15(50)
Recommended hanger spacing 0.8 m
Installation temperature -40°C~+60°C
Operating temperature -55°C~+85°C
Storage temperature -70°C~+85°C

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